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LVDA Mission


The Lehigh Valley Dance Alliance is an organization focused on the support and promotion of dance in our region. LVDA’s mission is to create an atmosphere in which dance will flourish by networking and sharing resources among its members. LVDA seeks to increase the visibility of dance and improve opportunities for dancers, choreographers and educators within the Lehigh Valley dance community.

The main objective is to develop and maintain a network of members including dance studios, individuals and other organizations valley wide.

As a organization, LVDA intends to support:

• Community: Foster a sense of pride and fellowship among the 
Lehigh Valley dance community

• Communication: Promote more effective communication within the local industry

• Industry Vitality: Retain and attract dance talent so that it thrives in the Lehigh Valley

• Education and Accessibility: Provide opportunities for education and enhanced accessibility to dance

Letter From Director

The Lehigh Valley is conveniently wedged between Philadelphia and New York City. I saw this as an amazing opportunity to attract top-notch talent to this region. What I discovered was that many dance studios and schools cannot fund master guest teachers on their own even though these masters are in such close proximity. I decided that forming an alliance to share our resources, not to mention our passion, was the best way to better our dance community. Bringing in guest teachers was only the beginning. As I researched, more and more benefits arose from forming an alliance that it seemed tragic if I didn’t make it happen. So here we are. I have put my heart and soul into the formation of the Lehigh Valley Dance Alliance.

Although I did not grow up in the Valley, I have been living here for several years and am now raising my family here. I am thrilled to be sharing my love and passion for dance as a dance educator and event planner.  I am humbled by the support I have received for LVDA and I hope to continue to bring more opportunties to the amazing dance talent I have watched grow right here in our own backyard.  

Share your passion.  Spread the word.

Yours in dance,
Jenn Langensiepen
LVDA Founder and Director

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